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New York Streets

I was in the South Bronx this morning and grabbed up these shots…












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New York Streets…



“NEV1 SMART Crew took it to MBW on Houston again, a month after POBE MPH first took the spot back. MBW went over a 3 year old R.I.P burner to Meghan that had been painted by BASE MPH and RSON.
NEV1 came and gave an anniversary shout to Meagan. Same person?
Either way, it is nice to see MBW and his disrespectful ass being covered.”

Bombin’ Magazine






In a city this size somebody is bound to die at some point. If you’re lucky you will be remembered with a memorial by friends. If you live in my neighborhood you will be remembered as long as the candles stay lit and the half filled bottles of cheap liquor and backwash only previously poured onto sidewalk stay upright, not drank by the homeless, kicked over, discarded, or snowed on.

Murals in Flatbush…




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New York Streets





(Photos courtesy of Eat Your Children)

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OPEN AIR: New Media in the Urban Landscape

A short created for the University of Southern California’s Public Arts Studies Program about graffiti, especially in New York.

“This documentary explored the studios and methods of six of the top street artists in America: Faile, Skewville, Mike De Feo, Dan Witz, Espo and Tiki Jay One.

Official selection of the Coney Island Film Festival and the Freewaves International Film Festival.”

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Fefe & Typo in Vienna

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Cake: A Conversation About Community


Female heads pop out from nooks where sidewalk meets store front and lay pasted over exposed brick. If the intent of street art is the beautification of urban landscapes then Cake succeeds by introducing femininity to the usual grind of muscle and decay. These portraits are individually painted and vulnerable. They provide a welcome dream like essence to so many cold buildings under gray skies. There is a breath of fresh air in seeing the exposed bones and anatomy of Cake’s work reminding the viewer that they are human. More importantly, they are surrounded by other humans in a city that can feel like a machine. A welcome female face emerges from torn wheat paste to portray clavicles and vertebrae that bring us all back together. I wanted to ask Cake her thoughts about the street art community here in New York.


“The street community is so unbelievably supportive of me and it moves me deeply. It’s the community that makes this so special- the pasters, the writers, the photographers.”


“Since I value this community in a very crucial way, it always pains me to see certain artists paste with no regard for graffiti and/or other pasters. Unless you have the intent to start Beef- this is unethical. There is no excuse for this. It is strange for me to see long time pasters still go out and paste blindly- with no regard to what lives on the surface before they get to it. Its complete disrespect. It also says something important about the paster- that they are unaware of the environment in which they are adding to/ working with. Which is also strange- I once put a sticker over Naks and then posted a photo of myself doing it. It wasn’t until the community pointed it out that I realized it. I hadn’t even noticed the tag when I was there. My practice changed immediately after that. Now I am hyper aware of where I place my work. I go out with respect. What worries me is the few pasters that seemingly never get the message that they are constantly going over others give the rest of us a bad reputation as a group that has no reverence for graffiti. My love of graffiti is what inspired me to take my work to the streets in the first place.”




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Let Them Eat Cake…


photo caption: “that should read as fewer not less if you care”

There was some heated discussion recently between Jake Dobkin of Streetsy.com and a hand full of notable New York street artists that stemmed from a criticism of street artist Cake by Jake on his website. I should note that apparently the comment above was not the original comment that set off the discussion. Jake allegedly changed it after all the fuss, but thats hearsay. The person that sent this to me also hinted that Jake Dobkin may have been the one that drew the mustache on the piece, which is interesting because he is a documentarian of street art. Here is that conversation. Enjoy the drama.

Cake.. Why don’t you bust MBW’s chops? If you could understand the urge, then you wouldn’t have written this. The urge is what makes this work.

jakedobkin i feel the same way about MBW– he put up about a thousand pieces on bowery last month, when three or four large pieces would’ve done the job twice as well. if you’re going for quantity, then you should go all city– just bombing chelsea, soho, and williamsburg isn’t enough. and you’ve got to go high– hit unusual places, under bridges, alongside highways, etc. but streetart isn’t usually a game about quantity, is it?

Cake.. Does it look like I am going for quantity, really? I’ve hit unusual places. You haven’t seen them apparently. And this isn’t a game to me. I also do what I want to do.

Choice Royce You go Cake. I’m with you Hey Jake, last time I checked you were a photographer not a graff/street artist. people that don’t get up at all shouldn’t be telling others how, when or where to get up

Adam Lawrence you’re entitled to your opinion, but at least do a little homework first before making ignorant declarations. look through cake’s flickr stream. if you bother to spend some time there i think you’ll discover that cake has gotten up in some very interesting out of he way spots, and has clearly thought about placement in many of those instances. (time to put out my ‘psychiatric help 5¢’ sign): let’s not redirect hostility you’re getting elsewhere onto an artist that has nothing to do with it, m’kay?

hargo “I also do what I want to do.” Love it.

jakedobkin totally understand– you should do what you want to do. but everyone is entitled to an opinion, even us documentarian photographers. no one is asking you to agree. and like i said, it’s not just one artist that i’m talking to. it’s a whole bunch of people putting up 100 variations (or copies) of the same piece. i respect the energy that goes into that– but i think it’s the easy way out. it’s harder, and it takes longer, to put all that energy into just a few pieces, but the results are definitely better. same thing goes for photography– editing is everything. the worst thing for any photographer or artist is not to edit, and then get judged weak because they’re spraying out too much stuff. you can probably think of a few people who meet that description.

Cake.. why did you chose my work to make this point? This is the question I think that is important. Why not make this point with MBW? Whose work faded after one week and who did not lug around a huge bucket of wheatpaste to put his work up by himself- rather he had ladders and assistants. He also did not hand paint/draw on each poster as I did. I find it interesting you chose to pick me out of a very large group of street artists. Why did you think it would be easier to make an example out of me?

Theory Propaganda it’s a whole bunch of people putting up 100 variations (or copies) of the same piece. " yet, every piece cake puts up IS the only one of it’s kind. each is hand drawn and put up where she feels like. as for MBW: hah! cake, don’t listen to him.

MEFX- the guilty meat eater sorry jake but “less is more” does not always apply in street art. Cake, keep kicking ass. (i made an edit, i was outraged. forgiven)

Ω ohm Ω You go girl!!!!!!

destroy & rebuild thats the problem with shit nowadays… ingenuous photographers turn street-ologist. just take the friggn picture meng

Crank Junky ^Word. Whats that old saying, “Those who can, do… Those who can’t, should just take the friggn picture meng.”

Ω ohm Ω Ok im back i was just flickr dumpster diving and found this…  I think this is a good example placement. It also shows two street artists working quite well with repetition. There is no reason to put up less and go bigger. It always depends on what your trying to do with it and some artists might not have the room or the means to go as big as others.

veng_rwk jake, I would think even you can see each one is a one of a kind.

Becki Fuller (AKA RFullerRD) Jake, sometime I could swear that you are just looking for trouble. Cake isn’t getting on Flickr telling you how to better express yourself artistically, so why do you feel like it appropriate for you to do that to her? We may not all have the same aesthetics, but I think that it is still important to show respect for someone who obviously has a point of view and is willing to take that to the street as hard as she does. When there were very few New York street artists getting up on a regular basis, Cake was one of the few who was out there putting up ORIGIONAL, quality paintings. The LEAST that could be done to show respect for this would be to not treat her like a child who needs guidance. As for the importance/impact of size, I actually have heard a lot more people criticizing JR’s work than I have heard complimenting it, so I’m not so sure that a greater size always equals a greater work.

Lyfetime hey ankle. don’t go busting on cake. makes me think twice about supporting u.

guero: palabra

Theory Propaganda this photo/thread is starting to seem like we’ve all been trolled.

Becki Fuller (AKA RFullerRD) Even if it was posted to create controversy (which I figured that it most likely was), it is still good to see so many people getting together to stand up for a local artist. And I don’t think that it should go without saying that SHE was most likely chosen because it isn’t likely that she would be beating the crap out of Jake anytime soon for his comments. And so it goes.

whooizit You all take this shit wayyyyyy too seriously. Stop being bitchy little critical assholes and enjoy what people are doing more. Everyone’s got their own way of doing what they do. Everyone also has their own situations so not everyone can travel the fuckin world and do street art in 10 different countries in a year. Some artists are local, some put shit up wherever they happen to go a lot, and so on and so on. So why don’t you all stop crying about stupid little shit and appreciate that people are trying to be creative. Some of you are so fuckin new to this whole thing and you are trying to form some kind of scene with standards and rules. Half of you moved to NYC and got into this shit in the past 5 years and now you are so quick to try and dictate all the rights and wrongs. Get the fuck out of here.Guess what??? There are no rules and people will do what they want to do. That’s what is great about this whole thing. When you start all this crap, it’s when the whole scene gets ruined. Also, as far as spots go, who the fuck cares if someone wants to put shit up in SOHO, NOHO, DUMBO, BLOWHOLE, FUCKHO, WILLY B, and all the other corny names. People put shit up in these areas for more than just fame. It’s because they appreciate the other art and it’s fun to get up near a whole bunch of other artists on doors and walls that will last more than a fuckin day. Stop hatin and start creatin and don’t be a bitchass who smiles and shakes people’s hands and then shit talks them when you’re online. And for all you art school kids who are just jumping on the bandwagon for a year or 2 just to further your art career, and then you will never hit the streets again, you’re fuckin corny too.

Overconsume lol, days of our lives…

therealjasonruff You can’t have your CAKE and eat it too.

whooizit Destroy and Rebuild, I am chillaxin. I might sound angry, but reading all this petty, judgmental shit coming from fans and participants of the art makes me sick. The only unwritten rules are respect your fellow artists/writers work that is already there(which is a whole other issue). Other than that, there should be no criticisms or rules from people who are into this shit. The only criticisms should be coming from people who dislike the whole shit and just think it’s all vandalism. There’s no rules out on the street when it comes to public art. People can do whatever the hell they want. I don’t always like everything that is up on walls, it’s not all my personal taste, but I can respect the fact that someone is into it and takes the time out of their day to do it whether it be tags, throwies, pieces, stickers, photocopies, original one of a kinds, etc. etc. etc. I’m not into all the people who jumped on the whole “street art” graffiti thing when it got big/cool/trendy, and now suddenly they are the experts about what is right/wrong and who can do what. A little more humility would be nice.

Yabbado Plasma Slugs and Jake Dobkin are a match made in heaven. Both obsess about street art. Both are purposely rude to other people on flickr. Both suffer from delusions of grandeur that makes them think they got authority to tell people how to do things. Both think negative attention is better than none.

SReed99342 OMG. The drama! (I’m with ya, Cake.)

photo.bombin Why ya’ll keep talking: real artists are putting in work. AUGOR is in town: 

Overconsume calmer than you dude…

elswatchoboracho i found some of jake’s earlirer art reviews… Poster Vandal Enters ‘Phallus In Mouth’ Period May 11, 2004 According to experts at thestreetsy.com, the billboard and subway-poster defacer known only as “Suck It” has entered his “phallus in mouth” phase. “As you can see, the artist has moved from drawing larger breasts on the lingerie models to depicting erect penises entering their mouths” said art critic Jake Dobkin, gesturing to a vandalized Victoria’s Secret poster. “His Sharpie phalluses offer a stark contrast to the colorful hues of the ad, with simple lines recalling Henri Matisse’s nudes.” Dobkin said he has not seen such energetic lines since the poster vandal’s “blackened-in teeth” period.

cahbasmn <a href=”http://www.streetartblows.com/”>www.streetartblows.com/</a&gt;

Yabbado And on the seventh day Plasma Slugs and Jake Dobkin rested.

dorisdaynyc Oh wow. ha ha ha ha. I’m keeping it shut.

COCO Le Rock ~ CLR ☆™ jake is a bitch end of story…done

gaia.streetart Goddamn!

OPHOTN view profile Yabbado says: Plasma Slugs and Jake Dobkin are a match made in heaven. Both obsess about street art. Both are purposely rude to other people on flickr. Both suffer from delusions of grandeur that makes them think they got authority to tell people how to do things. Both think negative attention is better than none. =============== You obviously don’t know plasma in person. One of the most down to earth and real cats I know.

hargo @ OPHOTN: based my experience I would agree with you about Plasma Slugs.

billikidbrand Ride On Everybody!

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