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Steve Kim

A warped multi dimensional perspective wraps around and through the work of Steve Kim, in a picturesque yet absurd world that still exists on a flat planet.




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Studio Visit with Pearl C. Hsiung

I recently took a trip down to Pearl’s studio to see what it is she’s been working on.   She was recently interviewed in Beautiful / Decay Issue V and now she is working for an upcoming  Beautiful/Decay February retrospective issue Z.   I see her all the time, but I don’t really get a chance to see what she’s working on.  Her studio is located in an old Paper Factory downtown.  It’s always fun and surprising.  Oh yeah, it usually involves St. Vincet’s thrift store and a cart dog.

Check out more at www.pearlchsiung.com.

Pearl showing off her piece for upcoming Beautiful/Decay February retrospective issue Z. There’s a Devil’s Tower structure.

She uses a lot of spray cans…fumes… This might explain something.

She also uses stencils and paints among other things like found Styrofoam or paper mache, which she uses to make sculptures.

A painting in progress.  I like the building of the background.

Managerial side.

Pearl going over the process involved in making one of her awesome paintings.

Paper Mache rock zits with mole hair. I really enjoyed these little sculptures because they seem like sea urchins that are alive and creepy.

Then she took us around to the other empty studios and we explored other parts of this retired paper mill.  Here’s a room with nothing but an extension cord hanging from it.

More info at www.steveturnercontemporary.com !!!

(Michael Hsiung)

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Anthony Zollo

Anthony Zollo


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Heather Sherman: A Conversation about Symbology

Heather Sherman received her BFA from Ringling College of Art and Design. While there she co-directed the Crossley Gallery. She is currently pursuing a Masters Degree in Fine Art at New York University. When not painting, Heather works at Greene Contemporary here in New York. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Heather for ten years. I started to notice in the past year a reoccurrence of rabbits in her paintings and thought I’d ask about the symbology. Here is the story behind it:

I purchased a Netherland Dwarf rabbit a little over two years ago, on a whim. I had grown up with pets, but never one to call my own. I am extremely attached to my bunny, Silke. In fact, I feel closer to her than I do most people. Like many pet owners, I project a lot of psychological stuff onto my rabbit, like love, trust, intimacy, vulnerability, etc. These are things one would often associate with human relationships, which forces me to examine the bonds I have with people. How are they different? Are they different?

I am interested in the idea of love and how it cannot exist without fear — the fear of losing that which you love. People aquire dogs, cats, fish, etc. all the time knowing full well there is an expiration date. Why? The same can be applied to human relationships. Rabbits vary in symbolic meaning from one culture to another — luck, fecundity, playfulness, fertility, fear, etc. I have taken that symbology and made it my own as a personal iconography. Rabbits, instead of being the focus of my most recent paintings, serve as witnesses to animalistic human relationships.

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