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MASSIVE New York Streets


“Bomb Tel Aviv! Bomb Tel Aviv! Kill their children! They kill babies so we’ll kill theirs!”

The tall white American man creeps behind a woman walking through Union Square and yells this in her ear repeatedly.


If you are an “emerging artist” (starving artist) in New York, especially in this economy… garbage cans full of compost begin to look very appetizing.


This is how we move:








This should be sprayed on every corner of the Lower East Side.



Poster Boy got locked up?







This is out front a store on Heather Sherman’s block in Williamsburg. It reminds me of this old West Indian man that is always outside my building in Flatbush. He is the ultimate anti- anti smoking campaign. When the weather is warm enough he’ll sit outside and chain smoke through at least a pack a day. My girlfriend says he’s still healthy from climbing mountains in Jamaica for the first half of his life. Do your thing Mister Cigarette Smoking Man.


If you live in New York you have seen this ad blasted all over the Subway and Street. You’ve probably seen the cute commercial with Lewis Black. Don’t get me wrong, I like Lewis Black. The woman that manages his website used to be my upstairs neighbor in East Harlem. I do however have a big fucking problem with this advertisement. If you’ve seen these ads for Aruba you may have noticed one key aspect is missing from their advertisement…. BLACK PEOPLE. There is not a single black person in the entire advertisement. I can only imagine the horror of the elder wealthy Manhattan resident that tries so hard to avoid going uptown or to Brooklyn… and then bam! shows up on vacation and is surrounded by a bunch of colored folk. Stop faking the funk Aruba.



Rod Stuart loves getting sprayed all over. Take that however you want.


Papa Loves…. oh shit! the pooolice! (Make sure to come back and finish this one homie)



You may recall me mentioning that I only like graffiti that has strong undertones of Satanism. Neckface gets an A+





I like it when I see tourists taking photos outside of this building on Wooster St. in Soho. It is truly a dying breed… one of the last authentic spots in New York City. What a shame that culture has become an endangered species in a city that is suppose to be the epicenter of culture.


Dear tourists of New York, do you want culture? Come to the hood. This is a storefront on my block in Brooklyn.



Ha! ha! You do know there is a big camera around the corner, right?? Gangster gangster.




Speaking of my neighborhood in Flatbush… these little hoodlums hit up our train station on the daily. VANDALS!





So yesterday Heather Sherman and I were calmly enjoying a coffee at the Cake Shop on the Lower East Side when suddenly these old Asian ladies started fighting one another over… I think the bottles and cans in the garbage. Okay, if you live outside of NY… maybe this doesn’t happen. Let me explain. In my neighborhood crack heads roam the streets digging through other people’s garbage looking for items they can recycle for a few bucks to buy drugs i.e. crack. Apparently, being that Manhattan is so progressive these days… Bloomberg has successfully replaced crack heads with elderly Asian woman. I ❤ NY


And to conclude our tour… I hereby post the greatest sign ever to be seen by my eyes. Yes, I’m serious.

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Artists for Israel


I’ve got opinions. A lot of them.

When I saw the flier for a gallery show about Artists for Israel, the first thing I thought was “Israel. Really?” Art sales to befit a country that has better intelligence, missile defense, security, and military might, of every country with the exception of the United States. Really?

But I like Bombin’ Magazine so I was curious to see what would grace the walls of The Stanton Barrett Gallery.

I arrived outside the gallery on the Lower East Side and was promptly padded down by two dudes working security.
Perhaps they felt I had an uncanny resemblance to this guy…


As I stood arms out, legs spread in the snow I mentioned to the two of them that I had no bombs, or grenades. They laughed in this weird way that made me think they actually were expecting someone to show up with explosives. When I got inside I bumped into Cahbasmn. Come to find out they didn’t pat him down. This means, I am officially more gangster than Cahbasmn. Take note America.

Here is the almighty Cahbasmn signing the black book…















All in all a very interesting show. Politics aside I can’t be mad at someone for wanting to stand up, support, and defend their country. Artists for Israel has got cojones. For real folks.


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Bombin’ Magazine Shows Us Some Love


“Dasco and the rest of the fam over at The Mongrel are bringing a much more aware and enlightened understanding of graffiti and street art to the internet. It is always nice to have alternatives, especially when the alternatives stay ahead of the curve and put a premium on knowledge of the community they represent.
The Mongrel is our current choice of alternative. Peep the interview with NUNCA…”

“Brazilian street artist Nunca addresses the effect of globalization on a society caught between exporting its culture and embracing foreign products. Blunt expressions are engraved into the walls of Brazil, doused in paint and branded with the logo of Naique (NIKE). His characters are frozen in a struggle to maintain the authentic culture of Brazil while adapting to an influx of foreign goods on the global market.”

Bombin’ Magazine!

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“Brace for Impact”


Yesterday afternoon I was in Time Square when suddenly a bunch of cop cars took off heading west. I get in the train and head back to Brooklyn. The train comes above ground right before my stop. My mom had sent me a text that said “Yeah, you should always use JFK, not LaGuardia.” I had no idea what she was talking about until I got home and turned on the news.

As you may have heard “a US Airways jet with 155 people on board ditched in the frigid Hudson River off Manhattan after apparently hitting a flock of geese (and then doing a u-turn over the Bronx) on Thursday and officials said everyone was rescued.”

The witnesses say the last thing the pilot said was “Brace for impact.” Two things popped into my mind when I saw this story yesterday. One, I am waiting for PETA to come out in defense of the slaughtered geese in this “tragedy.”
Two, “Brace for impact” is the last goddamn thing I ever want to hear out of a pilot’s mouth while I’m flying.

What worse phrase could you hear right before you think you are going to die?

“Barack Obama has decided against this whole president thing. The supreme court is appointing Sarah Palin.”

“Scientology is actually the one true religion.”

“We are going down, please enjoy these harmonious tunes provided by Clay Aiken.”

You tell me…


(Image: Yahoo News. Quote: RUETERS)

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No Pants Subway Ride 2009

“From http://www.ImprovEverywhere.com, 1,200 New Yorkers ride the subway without pants in a snow storm.”
(Just seen on Wooster Collective)

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Artists for Israel



Sunday at 6pm at the Stanton Barrett Gallery on 137 Bowery, off of Broome.
Sponsored by Bombin Magazine.bombin_logo_official2

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New York Streets





(Photos courtesy of Eat Your Children)

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