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David Foox: A Conversation about Television (Part IV)

After discussing David’s beliefs in our previous conversation about his up coming television show “Life Imitates Foox” I wanted to find out where the journey would take him. He told me he could not answer the question because he does not “care about the “HOW” only the “WHAT” and (his) “WHAT” is very broad in the sense that (he) has crafted very specific goals for the show and would like to keep them private for the moment.” He adds “If you have a suggestion, I would love to hear it though!”

All I was able to get out of David in regards to location was the following…
“We are shooting the TV Show initially outta The Mile High City. Denver Colorado.”
David tells me that Denver is practical because it allows them to travel in either direction be it California or New York.

As always, you can learn more about David Foox here.
Tomorrow David and I will conclude this interview with a discussion about what he hopes to accomplish. Stay tuned!

Please visit part Five of this interview…

Part Five


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DOZE GREEN + Blek le Rat @The Jonathan LeVine Gallery

Doze Green
Solo Exhibition

October 18th —November15th , 2008
Opening Reception: Saturday, October 18th, 7pm—9pm

Blek le Rat
Paris-New York, New York-Paris
Solo Exhibition

October 18th—November 15th, 2008
Opening Reception: Saturday, October 18th, 7pm—9pm

Learn more about both Doze Green and Blek le Rat at The Jonathan LeVine Gallery.

529 West 20th Street, 9th Floor, New York, NY

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Here is what was gracing the walls of Aaron Cobbett’s Headquarters Studio for last Friday night’s BOMBscare opening! Artists exhibited include The Datefarmers, CLAW Money, Nayland Blake, Thomas Woodruff, Logik One, Adam Wallacavage, Jo Jo Americo, not to mention Aaron Cobbett himself, as well as curator Kevin Bourgeois. I’ll have more photos of the opening night packed with some of the best people I’ve had a chance to chat with in a while. Also, photos of the late night performance by House of Ninja and a big announcement about Headquarters Studio…


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The Outsiders in BOWERY

Photos from The Outsiders exhibit by Steve Lazarides on the corner of Houston St. and Bowery.


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Abe Lincoln Jr.

Abe Lincoln Jr. Interview coming soon….

In the meantime visit:

The Endless Love Crew

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The New York Sun article on Bowery Street Art

I met Erica Orden of The New York Sun on Houston St yesterday morning while photographing the latest batch of MBW’s wheat pastes that cropped up over night. We began talking about art and “The Outsiders” exhibit on the corner of Bowery and Houston. There is a great article by Erica today in The New York Sun. Check it out here.

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NY Streets

Mr. Brainwash AKA MBW has officially made The Lower East Side his bitch. I wish every morning was full of new wheat paste treasures:::

I bumped into Conor Harrington while he was putting his piece up below the one David Choe did the other day.

Also I saw this up earlier today. What does everyone think?

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