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New York Streets…


There is a growing resentment of Mr. Brainwash amongst street artists in New York. I like to keep this website positive (evident by my sleeping on this post for over a week) but I do feel a certain duty of journalistic integrity to present our viewers with the facts. (Plus, I have been getting too many emails about this to ignore it.) Here is what has been going on.

On November sixth, the following comment was left on The Mongrel by Bombin Magazine:


Two days later their website ran the following:

“POBE MPH avenges Meghan… Fuck MBW”

“That MEGHAN burner that has been rocking on Houston and Bowery for over 2 years was a memorial for one of our fallen sisters. MBW, displaying the ignorance for the rules of the street and an unacceptable disrespect of the deceased common amongst certain art geeks recently (BANKSY, Nick Walker and FKDL), put a legal production over it.
POBE took it back.”

(Taken from Bombin Magazine’s website.)

On a much lighter note, here is New York’s streets in the past few days…

(That door on the left is an old WK Interact piece!)


My favorite part of the “Let Them Eat Cake” post yesterday was Chabasmsnsns linking Street Art Blows. You can always count on Cahbaabmsn to ruin a moment. Thats why we love him.



Personally, I only like graffiti that has a strong message of Satanism.
I also like how the owners of this building have apparently abandoned all hope in keeping that wall clean.


Last but not least, all I have to say to Cake about that whole controversy is this:::


You Go Girl!

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MBW at Levi’s FADER Fort during CMJ last week…

The other day a representative of Cornerstone Promotion (and fan of The Mongrel) sent me the details about that killer MBW installation on Bowery last week. The Levi’s/FADER Fort had Mr. Brainwash, or MBW, provide an art instillation for it’s venue during last week’s CMJ festival in NYC. Here are some photos she sent from the inside…

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New York Streets…

A new version of “The Splasher” or just a cynical New Yorker? Or maybe this is The old Splasher(s) up to new obnoxious hyjinks. Yes, you put a large bright neon green price tag on an Obey Giant poster and another one on the latest piece by Mr. Brainwash. So clever… I just hope another pseudo-political manifesto piece of mumbo jumbo isn’t released like it was last time.

Somebody cleaned up the pile of trash in front of the door of this building on Wooster Street. Beneath all that chaos that was a bed for the homeless was this image…

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New York Streets…

Mr. Brainwash’s characters lean like sculptures against Bowery and Houston. The taxis speed by… the pedestrians shuffle by as the bike messengers race by…. everybody is in a rush and Mr. Brainwash stops and whispers “Life is Beautiful.” Life is Beautiful New York. Everything is going to be okay. Slow down and enjoy the scenery.

Flanked by Chinese store fronts selling lanterns… big sphere like paper lanterns, vertical wooden lanterns, and the metallic kind too… Buried in The Lantern District exists a neglected niche where Shepard Fairey left a little girl with a rose months ago. Mr. Brainwash brought her some company this weekend.

A nice tourist family walked by as I was taking this photo. They looked at me like I was the lowest scum on the earth. What a great way to start a Monday, right?

That is a photo of FKDL

Here is a photo of where FKDL pasted over Gaia on Wooster Street… and the result.

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New York Streets…

MBW tore up the front of this place. A lady on the street told me that his stuff is exhibited in side. Alternatively, it is a spot for bands to play. I believe this place is called The Fort.

“Haculla & Cher BFF 1979” = Genius!

If sex is on fire… either:
A.) You are Haculla, or
B.) You have gonorrhea
There are no exceptions.

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NY Streets

Mr. Brainwash AKA MBW has officially made The Lower East Side his bitch. I wish every morning was full of new wheat paste treasures:::

I bumped into Conor Harrington while he was putting his piece up below the one David Choe did the other day.

Also I saw this up earlier today. What does everyone think?

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Mr. Brainwash in New York’s Streets

I am typically in The Lower East Side every morning. I walk through Bowery and make my way up to The East Village. This morning was like Christmas. MBW’s wheat pastes were like wallpaper on the street. The photos below are a select few pieces from French Filmmaker and street artist Mr. Brainwash AKA MBW.

Here is MBW’s Life is Beautiful video which ran on The Juxtapoz Blog today:::

Lastly, here is a link to the Juxtapoz coverage of MBW’s opening in L.A. in June.


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