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Artists for Israel


I’ve got opinions. A lot of them.

When I saw the flier for a gallery show about Artists for Israel, the first thing I thought was “Israel. Really?” Art sales to befit a country that has better intelligence, missile defense, security, and military might, of every country with the exception of the United States. Really?

But I like Bombin’ Magazine so I was curious to see what would grace the walls of The Stanton Barrett Gallery.

I arrived outside the gallery on the Lower East Side and was promptly padded down by two dudes working security.
Perhaps they felt I had an uncanny resemblance to this guy…


As I stood arms out, legs spread in the snow I mentioned to the two of them that I had no bombs, or grenades. They laughed in this weird way that made me think they actually were expecting someone to show up with explosives. When I got inside I bumped into Cahbasmn. Come to find out they didn’t pat him down. This means, I am officially more gangster than Cahbasmn. Take note America.

Here is the almighty Cahbasmn signing the black book…















All in all a very interesting show. Politics aside I can’t be mad at someone for wanting to stand up, support, and defend their country. Artists for Israel has got cojones. For real folks.


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New York Streets…

A new version of “The Splasher” or just a cynical New Yorker? Or maybe this is The old Splasher(s) up to new obnoxious hyjinks. Yes, you put a large bright neon green price tag on an Obey Giant poster and another one on the latest piece by Mr. Brainwash. So clever… I just hope another pseudo-political manifesto piece of mumbo jumbo isn’t released like it was last time.

Somebody cleaned up the pile of trash in front of the door of this building on Wooster Street. Beneath all that chaos that was a bed for the homeless was this image…

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Cake Shop on Lower East Side

Met up with my home girl Heidi Greenwood at The Cake Shop last Friday on the Lower East Side. Saw some great art on the wall::::

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The New York Sun article on Bowery Street Art

I met Erica Orden of The New York Sun on Houston St yesterday morning while photographing the latest batch of MBW’s wheat pastes that cropped up over night. We began talking about art and “The Outsiders” exhibit on the corner of Bowery and Houston. There is a great article by Erica today in The New York Sun. Check it out here.

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NY Streets

Mr. Brainwash AKA MBW has officially made The Lower East Side his bitch. I wish every morning was full of new wheat paste treasures:::

I bumped into Conor Harrington while he was putting his piece up below the one David Choe did the other day.

Also I saw this up earlier today. What does everyone think?

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NY Streets


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Mr. Brainwash in New York’s Streets

I am typically in The Lower East Side every morning. I walk through Bowery and make my way up to The East Village. This morning was like Christmas. MBW’s wheat pastes were like wallpaper on the street. The photos below are a select few pieces from French Filmmaker and street artist Mr. Brainwash AKA MBW.

Here is MBW’s Life is Beautiful video which ran on The Juxtapoz Blog today:::

Lastly, here is a link to the Juxtapoz coverage of MBW’s opening in L.A. in June.


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