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Year of the Ox at GR2

Saturday was a big night. I checked out the opening of the “Year of the Ox” group show at GR2. Tons of artists were on display, including work by my pal and fellow Headquarters contributor Michael C Hsiung:

Noted magician Doug Henning was also in attendance:

A few more images:

Earlier that night I met my personal hero John Philbin, AKA Turtle from “North Shore,” at Bergamot Station. If you haven’t seen that classic film, you’re truly missing out. (Chris)


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Baronsky at James Gray Gallery

A beautiful show of experessionistic landscapes by Baronsky opened last weekend at the James Gray Gallery in Bergamot Station in Santa Monica. Be sure to check it out before the exhibition ends on April 12, and visit the gallery web site for higher-quality images of the artist’s work. (Chris)

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“Superschool” at Copro Nason

I stopped by the “Superschool” group show at CoproNason on Saturday night. Featuring many artists who’ve shown at the gallery before, the lineup included: Scott Musgrove, Travis Louie, Gary Baseman, Sas Christian, Chet Zar, Heiko Mueller, Dan May, Martin Wittfooth, Chris Ryniak, Nathan Spoor, Kris Lewis, Carrie Ann Baade, Michael Page, Ana Bagayan, Kevin Peterson, Naoto Hattori, Amy Sol, Francesco LoCastro, Reinier Gamboa, Mia, Brian Viveros, Dan Quintana, Tin and many more…Check the artists’ and gallery websites for more!

Not too shabby, as you can see! The gallery was also showcasing “Natural Beauties” by Lola. Pictures to follow. (Chris)

Joe Vaux

Francesco LoCastro

Nathan Spoor

Pirates Love Booty!

My favorite!

Kris Lewis

Travis Louie

Just a few pieces by Lola:

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Demian Flores- “Self Defense”

I have to admit that the art I make is not political. I am interested in working with color and line more than anything else. People often ask me what my intentions were behind pieces I create. Often times I have no idea, I tell them it’s just instinct.

I stumbled into a really rad opening at the Latin American Masters Gallery in Bergamot Station on Saturday night. I’d come there for the Copro Nason opening (more on that later), but came away more impressed with the “Self Defense” show by Demian Flores. I knew there was some kind of political statement going on, but I just loved the karate guys and the colors. They reminded me of a “Blaxploitation and Kung Fu” film studies course I took at USC. Sonny Chiba and Cleopatra Jones and The Mack. (Chris)

(that’s the artist in jeans)

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“Sao Paulo” at Scion

The new “Sao Paulo” show at Scion is by far the best show I’ve seen there. The colors and energy were inspiring. Here’s what the Scion Web site says:

The São Paulo exhibition celebrates the energy of the emerging art culture in São Paulo, Brazil, the biggest metropolitan city in South America.

Calma, Carlos Dias, MZK, Ramon Martins, Silvana Mello, Speto, Titi Freak and Zezão form a group that translates this energy best, bringing fine art unique influences from pop-culture, ancient heritage, modern painting or folk art. Each artist uses pop contemporary references such as street art, tattoo, skateboarding, hip-hop, and punk, while paying close attention to their own personal heritage and research. The São Paulo show promises an intriguing exhibition.

Werd. (Chris)

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“Rock Paper Scissor” at Robert Berman Gallery

A big crowd turned up for the opening of “Rock Paper Scissor” at Robert Berman Gallery on Saturday night. (I was stoked that I got there early and nabbed a parking space.) Curated by Jon Cournoyer, the show featured work by Raymond Pettibon, Daniel Johnston, Ron English, Thurston Moore, Kim Gordon, Lee Ranaldo and Gibby Haynes. (Chris)

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Dimitri Kozyrev at Mark Moore Gallery

I wandered into the side Project Room at the Mark Moore Gallery in Santa Monica on Saturday night and found five impressive works by Dimitri Kozyrev.

You can’t tell by the images, but these are very large pieces– kind of colorfully harmonious high school geometry proofs. I recommend you check out the show before it ends on March 28, and visit the artist’s web site to check out the rest of his beautiful work- all concerned with architecture and space and the absence of such. (Chris)

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