Tomokazu Matsuyama @ Joshua Liner Gallery

I just posted this on Bombin Magazine’s blog but had to post it here too!

A slightly bizarre tradition has developed amongst the group of friends I typically meet up with for art shows. A couple weeks ago Kid Lew found a toy motorcycle on the ground and brought it as a gift for Kevin Bourgeois. Here’s the photo from Juxtapoz.


In keeping with tradition I found this chongalicious ear ring on the ground while walking to Joshua Liner’s gallery in Chelsea this past friday. It was meant to be. I picked it up, put it in my pocket and brought it as a gift for Kid Lew…


Kid has his nose pierced so I thought it would be perfect for him. He gave it to our friend Tonya though. She has her septum pierced so even better!



Gallery goers. The place was packed.


Last but not least… here are a couple of cute girls at the show. I dedicate this photo to Zoltan and BOMBIN’ Magazine’s beloved drunken stepfather, Jesus Martinez.



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