Demian Flores- “Self Defense”

I have to admit that the art I make is not political. I am interested in working with color and line more than anything else. People often ask me what my intentions were behind pieces I create. Often times I have no idea, I tell them it’s just instinct.

I stumbled into a really rad opening at the Latin American Masters Gallery in Bergamot Station on Saturday night. I’d come there for the Copro Nason opening (more on that later), but came away more impressed with the “Self Defense” show by Demian Flores. I knew there was some kind of political statement going on, but I just loved the karate guys and the colors. They reminded me of a “Blaxploitation and Kung Fu” film studies course I took at USC. Sonny Chiba and Cleopatra Jones and The Mack. (Chris)

(that’s the artist in jeans)


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