Opening photos from ALL MESSED UP at CrossRoads School

Pearl and I went over to the opening for All Messed Up, a group art show curated by Crossroad high school students. The show featured works by Patrick O’dell, James Gobel, Pearl C. Hsiung, Gustavo Herrera, Chris Oatey, Edgar Heap of Bird, Ken Garduno, and Jon Pylypchuk. I wasn’t sure what to expect in terms of this show because, let’s be honest, what was your art taste like as a high school student? If I could go back and curate a show in high school, then you’d see Pushead, Frank Franzetta, and like Garfield. So, it’s safe to say, that these high school students did a great job.

Yeah, that is Patrick O’dell cradling his little puppy!

Here’s a piece that is by Artist Edgar Heap of Birds.

I really enjoyed the combination of words and colors in this piece. It’s beautifully seductive in that I’m like wow I’d love that pattern . . .  oh wait, there’s words like vagina, round, fruit.

I’ve got to apologize for the blurry photos. I mean it wasn’t like they had a wine bar! Drive by of Pearl C. Hsiung’s piece.

Okay, Pearl also had a video installation piece, which I did a terrible job of photographing, but you can see them online.  It isn’t this one, but so you get an idea.

More blurry photos.

Detail, texture.

Photographs by Patrick O’dell.   The picture below is seriously crazy.  This guys collection of Barbie Dolls is past disturbing.

Well not if you use a sharpie and right that on your ass.

Works by Ken Garduno, who has an upcoming show at Black Maria Gallery called Channels, which is a not to be missed show.  Click here for more show info.

Artist Pearl C. Hsiung and Ken Garduno, whose Channels will be opening March 14th at Black Maria Gallery in Atwater.

If you haven’t seen James Gobel’s works, then I’d advise you to search it out. It’s amazing.  Cloth, felt, and lots of glue gunning.  Difference between this and what your grandma makes?  Pure craftmanship.  Meticulous!

It was great to see lots of artists at the opening.

Artist Ken Garduno and Melaine from (Black Maria Gallery)

(Blurry photos and Broken English by Michael C. Hsiung)


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