Friday Night Galleries in Brooklyn

First stop was meeting up with Kevin Bourgeois and Kid Lew at My Plastic Heart on The Lower East Side.




Then we went to Ad Hoc. I don’t remember what artists were showing (…notice the drink in hand.) This is me standing in front of a painting pretending I’m the artist.


Kevin Bourgeois and I officially marked the four hundredth time we’ve taken a photo together.


Here’s Laura Robertson and Kevin. Laura took some of the photos seen here… but I don’t remember which ones.


Stumbled outside and bumped into my boy CAZM. Who was CAZM talking to? Our dude Remed from Europe. (This is Fefe’s boyfriend.) He’s one of my favorite artists (you might remember the interview I did with him a hundred years ago for Our Art Site). I completely spaced on the fact that he was coming to New York. He had an opening Saturday night in Bedstuy but I was unable to attend. Much respect to Remed. Here is a photo of the two or us.


Crime is so low in New York that the police harass art gallery goers out of boredom. The pigs shut Ad Hoc down. Some of us stumbled next door to this gallery. I have no idea what it is called. Feel free to google maps whatever is next to Ad Hoc.



Kevin and I were um… “inspired” by the art to say the least. Jesus is our homeboy.


Maybe it was the alcohol, but the music was hot too. Here’s a photo of Kevin dancing to Janet Jackson.

We then stumbled down the block to The Wreck Room for the after party. More drinking ensued. Evidence:


I would like to thank Captain Morgan for making this evening possible.



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