“Sao Paulo” at Scion

The new “Sao Paulo” show at Scion is by far the best show I’ve seen there. The colors and energy were inspiring. Here’s what the Scion Web site says:

The São Paulo exhibition celebrates the energy of the emerging art culture in São Paulo, Brazil, the biggest metropolitan city in South America.

Calma, Carlos Dias, MZK, Ramon Martins, Silvana Mello, Speto, Titi Freak and Zezão form a group that translates this energy best, bringing fine art unique influences from pop-culture, ancient heritage, modern painting or folk art. Each artist uses pop contemporary references such as street art, tattoo, skateboarding, hip-hop, and punk, while paying close attention to their own personal heritage and research. The São Paulo show promises an intriguing exhibition.

Werd. (Chris)


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