Opening Photos of Gavin Bunner’s It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad World at Tinlark Gallery

I recently went to check out Gavin Bunner‘s It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad World and Mors Voluntaria and Other Misfortunes in the project room by Alison Byrnes at Tinlark Gallery. I’ve been lucky enough to have attend two really good shows, Beautiful / Decay Retrospective and this one at Tinlark. Tinlark is located in this little plaza on Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles, CA. Gavin Bunner is a terrific artist whose works are so filled with dynamic, storytelling, humor, and beautiful compositions that I was definitely awe-struck seeing them. I first met Gavin during a group show I participated in at the Carmichael Gallery. Later, we hung out here and there. One night I think we played Farkle and I made him a hamburger on the George Foreman grill. I’m good for that.

The Main Gallery featured several large works by Gavin, which were filled with a variety of scenes of mayhem.  Every scene begins with somewhat of a theme – a marathon, a tennis match, artic wildlife, and then is turned upside down with a few key figures and interactions. Read this great interview on and check out his prints that are available for sale here.

College campus or village.  Notice the ninjas.  I would love to have this as a quilt too.

You can see here how the viewer is taken in by the work.

Ha-hah.  Love this.

Homeless puker.

Not homeless, nor a puker.

Ink, gouache and paper.

The man behind the madness, Gavin Bunner and the George Foreman griller.

Project Room:  Alison Byrnes

The project room featured works by Alison Byrnes. Her collection of works were watercolor and ink on paper. They depicted the life and death of famous artists, writers, and Romans who were put to death or killed themselves – Hemingway, Vincent Van Gogh, Sylvia Path and etc. A well known fact, of course, that art and artists have a sort of interesting relationship with depression, suicide, and expression.

Anyhow, nice show, nice turn out. Go check it out before you kick yourself in the ass for missing it.

(Pictures and words by Michael C. Hsiung)


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