Conscious Cycle 451

“In February of 2006, Lou Auguste and Sinton Vignos rented out space in what used to be Stay Gold Gallery at 451 Grand in Brooklyn. The idea was to spread the idea of environmental consciousness through art. Together they went through local dumpsters and found wood and old paint cans.

Next we invited all the artists we knew in the New York area for a month long paint party and filmed the whole thing. Participating artists included: Gore B, Celso, Matt Siren, Infinity, Elbow Toe, Faro, Naks, Anthrax, Knox, Wrona, SuperK8, Royce, Anera, Sife and Ed.

The project has been recreated outdoors in 2007 at the Figment Festival on Governor’s Island in the New York City harbor, and will be once again recreated in 2009 in Graz, Austria during the Four Elements Festival.

As part of the two year anniversary we are posting this video to the internet for the first time.”


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