I finally made some T-shirts

I’ve been working on and off trying to get some shirts made at a low cost.  Without the use of children, oreos, and/or elves.  Here’s what I came up with.

I sent my scanned 400 dpi grayscale image.  Exciting, huh.

Crack open my box of AllStyle Shirts courtesy of Monty.  Thanks Monty.  As a matter of fact, Dustin from Halloween Swim Team was also printing some sweet shirts that day.

Crazy printer and hot press. 

While the printing process is devoid of that ink messy it does take human attention.  Feed one shirt into the machine and hit print, then hot press it, and do it all over to 30 more shirts for 6 hours.

Here it comes.

Black ink one

Bam-o, bright ass orange so you can land a plane or stick out in a rave crowd.

Here’s a shirt for the hippies. I only had one of these in my mixed box.  It went to Randall who really helped me out with all the printing.

Red ink shirts. 30 total.  

Box of shirts. 

Now on etsy.com


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