My New Illegitimate Merboy Print

(by Michael C. Hsiung)

Just when I thought I was a total deadbeat. Well, pretty close right? I decided today to make a new print since I actually sold out of the small versions of my Man Drinking with Bear print. The rest are on

Anyhow, I started out by cutting my pieces of paper, lining the kitchen with newspaper, and making my template.

Template. I cut out my xerox of my original drawing and carefully place here. I make sure the tape doesn’t cover the drawing up because I did that before and it sucks. The banner I drew directly on the paper.

Set up the ScreenMaker 2000 and burn that Master template. It was, however, one of those days. I had to replace the C batteries, but didn’t discover that until I burned through a screen. Damnit!

I hired an illegal little Chinese boy to print them out. For every 10th one, I gave him an Oreo. C’mon it’s a recession.

Oreo time. Good job Fei Fei.

Bam, here they are – signed, sealed, and $10.00 a piece.

Get your here. I’ll send it to you in plastic along with some stickers.



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2 responses to “My New Illegitimate Merboy Print

  1. TEZ

    bags one…..only if ya promise to throw Fei Fei another oreo his way!

  2. mikechsiung

    Fei Fei already got too many oreos. haha.

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