Top Ten by Erika Vogt on Artforum

Erika Vogt of Artforum recently wrote up a Top Ten List, which is worth checking out.

5. ART IN ARTISTS’ HOMES (Excerpt 5 features ACP show photo of Scorpius, curated by Pearl C. Hsiung.)
In the spirit of making something from nothing—and of generating more community and less profit—greater numbers of artists have lately been showcasing work in nontraditional gallery spaces, including artists’ homes. This past August, Eve Fowler and Lucas Michael conceived Artist Curated Projects, which, with its proud mandate to curate shows both by and for artists, holds monthly exhibitions in the kitchen and living room of Fowler’s West Hollywood apartment. Adopting a similar DIY ethos, Eli Langer’s Sundays Gallery, located in a Hollywood office building, is used as an ad hoc living space and has a painting by Michael Rashkow embedded face-first in the kitchen wall. Both of these endeavors bring to mind The MORL or NYC-Apartment, Michael Queenland’s affecting 2007 installation, for which he re-created his New York apartment at LAXART; the work’s references to the Musée de la Vie Romantique, a Paris mansion that houses the belongings of novelist George Sand, complicated models of museological display and Romantic notions of the artist’s life.

Click here to read the full article.


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