FOOX Update

David Foox will be at this weekend’s Comic Con here in New York City. You can catch David (and I’ll be there hanging out too) at booth 851 with the release and signing of FOOX spellbinding toy ORGAN DONORS.


Email from Foox: “As you know Dasco, this skull is being created as a good luck totem for the launch of our much awaited and well regarded Organ Donors blind box toy concept. Not being one to avoid a superstition, I read somewhere that bringing an exotic looking hand painted skull to a Comic Book Convention would no doubt “awaken the 4 elements, spellbound by Foox, and there to do his bidding”. Something like that. Needless to say I am bringing my exotic hand painted skull! It will be displayed alongside my Thomas Han x FOOX Munky King contribution.”

I have absolutely no idea what that email means. I do know that you can catch Foox interview’s around the world wide web here:

David Foox interview on All That’s Fab.

Download the latest issue of Chew Magazine for another interview with David.

“This is a magazine – online only – fashion and art – from South Africa – 100+ page beautiful magazine. I am happy to be a part of this inspirational magazine outta my home country yo represent SAFA!”

As always, Foox-U!




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2 responses to “FOOX Update

  1. nO...-Foox-U-good-Sir

    No, sir D.A.s.C.O. – I dare sayeth nay not foox-me, foox-u good sir! foox-u!


  2. This was supposed to go to Munky King for their celebrity Thomas Han custom party, but actually this sold at Comic Con. SORRY.


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