Dasco is selling “Kodiak”


When I was about seventeen I had a best friend that lived in the same town as me. We’d make hand made envelopes and mail them to each other. A few years later I began this concentration on portraiture. This is a self portrait of me, believe it or not, from 2003 or 2004. I paint on Plexiglas and mount it onto a canvas that has been wrapped with cloth, like an old tee shirt or dirty bed sheet. Sandwiched between the two are found items like metro tickets and paper trash. In this painting I wedged a hand made envelope my best friend had sent me. The letter is enclosed and if you look closely everything is sealed tight. I always liked how Basquiat painted over words he had written. In a similar train of thought, I like that you can’t read the letter that is in there. All the materials are finally woven together into a narrative.

Many people have made offers to buy this painting over the years and I’ve always declined. This painting actually was chosen by Kevin Bourgeois and Aaron Cobbett to hang at Headquarters a few years ago… back before I was ever running the website etc…

Long story short, I am finally selling this thing. You can email me at mongrelnyc@gmail.com and just shoot me a price. I’ll consider anything offered. For the record, other things I am contemplating selling in this economy are as follows:

2.)Kidney (sorry, I can only give up one)
3.)Dasco Junior’s soldiers (use your imagination)
4.)My forehead as a permanent place for corporate advertising
5.)My soul


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