Book Release – Danielle Levitt’s “We Are Experienced” Feb. 12th


powerHouse Books & Reserve are pleased to invite you to the launch of

We Are Experienced by Danielle Levitt

Friday, February 12, 2009 from 7–10pm
420 North Fairfax Avenue, Los Angeles
For more information, please call 323-651-0131 

Music by Hunter Ray
Book Signing, Exhibition, and Limited Edition T-shirt
Six limited edition full color photo print t-shirt designs will be released to selected retailers to coincide with the exhibit, 
4 under the FRESHJIVE label, and 2 under the WARRIORS OF RADNESS label. 

Danielle Levitt arrived at her distinctive photographic style capturing street fashion, pop culture, and celebrity for countless publications. While producing this commercial work, Levitt also pursued her passion for documenting American youth. The result is We Are Experienced, Levitt’s first monograph, a series of portraits depicting adolescents in a variety of urban, suburban, and rural settings, as individuals and in groups, loaded with signifiers both mainstream and marginal.
We Are Experienced includes football stars, anorexics, wiccans, punks, prom dates, snowboarders, and baton twirlers. Levitt revels in the beauty of the age and its incomparable potential. She also exposes an advanced awareness particular to a generation. The notion of strident youthfulness was invented in the last century; today it is an understood quantity, a streamlined experience. Levitt’s subjects are well-schooled in the expectations, limitations, and developmental strategies of growing up American, and have unparalleled resources to identify in a multitude of ways.We Are Experienced is a lushly stylized archive of the choices they make.



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