New York Streets

I was in East Harlem this morning trying to slang caine and came across these photos:




I like the Mexican flag hanging in the one window. You know the people that build your luxury condominiums, clean up after your children, and serve you your burgers and fries… they have homes. They have families. Welcome to East Harlem.


This is my old apartment on 116th street. Okay, just kidding. This is actually 110th street.


Leanin’ like a Cholo.


Back in So Hoe. KH1::: Effing Hilarious.



Anyone that has been to our gallery in the past hundred years has probably seen this lovely little creation left on our door. It says “poop.” Classic.


After I took this photo the train got crowded. You better believe I sat down in that wheel chair. What? My legs were tired from walking in all this goddamn snow slush shit.



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