Art LA 2009 The Day I was stuck in Venice for 9 hours Part II

Here’s Part II of my trip to Art LA 2009, where we were stuck for about 9 hours. Just to re-cap, Art LA 2009 is basically a giant Art Fair showcasing 60 galleries from around the world – Berlin, Hong Kong, and Melbourne. Hell, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger states in the Art LA preface that this show provides an enriching art exchange for the Los Angeles community, and I commend all those who made this showcase possible . .

And back with the photos.

This was a really funny video of two Asian dudes lip syncing something or other.

Here’s another fantastic piece:

Works by John Parot

A great shop from LA had a little area.  Ooga Booga in Chinatown sells all kinds of cool stuff from artist designed objects, shirts, mixed tapes, books, records, and more.  Click

Lisa Suko’s Apple pipes, which I told my mom were bird feeders. She totally bought it.

There’s Wendy Yao, the creator and owner of Ooga Booga.  We were high school friends (we went to a lot of shows and I let her drive my car for practice) and our mothers attended the same university.  She’s done very well for herself!

I saw this across the eating area.  This artist made their own plates and casted a mold on the Mold-A-Rama.  I recently wrote a post about this and geeked out the girl who was sitting by it.  I don’t think she realized how much these things kick ass.

I ran into Paige Wery of ARTillery Magazine.  It’s a great local rag that’s free so pick it up.

Ahhh. This makes all art fairs more bearable.

This baby sculpture has giant ears.  

I liked this piece a lot I  just need to figure out whose it is.

So at these Art Fairs it’s always kind of bizarre going in gallery spaces and so forth.  If you’re like me, they generally don’t say much to you.  However, I have to say that the lady at Starkwhite from New Zealand was especially nice and informative.  She introduced us to the art of Peter Stichbury below.  Apparently, the artist takes some facebook profile photos and make exaggerated portraits of them.  Here’s the rub. They don’t know.  You decide.  Cool? Not Cool?

This guy new, but I suspect it’s because it’s sort of flattering.

He doesn’t know.

Hopefully she never knows.

Don’t get me wrong I really like them, just wondering if you’d have a problem with it?  Find him on Facebook. ha.

Close up. Wires. Nice!

This gallery had an artist who sandblasted the images off records, leaving only the eyes.  From far away I thought they were butterflies. We tried guessing albums and so forth. Harder than it looks.

George Washington?

This piece speaks to my soul .. . that’s what I imagine this douche bag might be saying.  Hey they make the world go round.

Giant Dream Catcher!!!!

Another fine portrait and track suit.

After a few hours we were all wrapped up with Art La 2009.  Overall I’d say it was pretty rad and the galleries presented a wide range of artist.  Great job all around.  So we headed back to the road, and after a couple streets, Pearl’s car died again in the intersection of Lincoln by George’s burger shop.  We ate some burgers, called Triple AAA, and then started walking down Lincoln Blvd.  We called a back up ride who wouldn’t be there for another hour or so.  Alternators…I tell you.  Curse them.

Just cruising in the rain . . . with a destination of nowhere.

and more waiting….

We went to a couple of Thrift Stores and I got myself a nice book to read while I wait around. 50 cents!

Finally our friend arrived but we decided that rush hour traffic was going to suck the big one.  We better kill some time at the Pier and stop over at our friend’s pad.

She’s got a great pad by the beach and pier.  One of the bungalows was occupied by Bob Dylan at some point.  Here’s the weird part though . . . you can turn the blinds from her bottom level with the use of a this. ..

How to beat Rush Hour traffic

I was hoping the fortune teller would turn me back into a kid like in BIG.

I need a new occupation.  Maybe a Soda Jerk.

OUCH! Oh hey if you’re morbidly obese don’t sit on the horses…damn  harsh.

Luckily we were all less than

I won these cool glasses playing arcade games, especially the Deal or No Deal game! haha.  Now I can blend in with the rest of America!  

Went to go eat some food, which was particularly nasty.  I like that they put a chalkboard in the men’s room. I drew a guy on the wall and changed this from Homo to Homeless.

Finally we drove home and I laid down at 9 pm.  We left for Venice at 11 am….damn what a day. Here’s all the shit I brought back with me.


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