Al Jazeera’s ‘Artworld’

“Arstworld asks if the ubiquitous political posters in Lebanon are art or propaganda.

Plus we hear some magical sounds coming out of the forests of Finland.”

“n part two, of this week’s show we go to the Brazilian city of Salvador Bahia, where the circus has become much more than entertainment. The big top of the Circus Picolino is as close as many young people will get to a classroom but the lessons learned here are transforming lives.

And we report on a new sound making waves throughout Tanzania. In Dar Esalam, the country’s biggest city, Bongo Flava is the beat from the street and the rhythm of the times.”

“Artsworld visits a Tunisian artist who is making the ancient tradition of glass blowing fashinable again and a group in India using dance to heal.”

“We meet the man behind an ambitious underwater art project in the US and Gaza’s only female political cartoonist.”

“Arstworld travels to the Paris suburbs to meet the young French-Algerian author Faiza Guene whose novels are taking the literary world by strom.

Plus we explore how opera is taking centre stage in Botswana.”


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