reSESSION – My board in progress . . .

So I recently got an invitation to participate for an upcoming show in March called reSESSION in Chicago. I decided to have Pearl do a collaboration with me, since she’s great at painting and spray painting backgrounds.  

reSESSION will be a high-profile show of artist-designed skate decks exhibited in conjunction with the 2009 Southern Graphics Council Conference (, hosted by Anchor Graphics at Columbia College Chicago. 

reSESSION will be held at Columbia College in the highly-visible, street-level gallery of the 1006 South Michigan Building.  reSESSION will be shown alongside work by artists from around the world, including: the International Print Center New York’s New Prints: Winter exhibition (; Contemporary Prints from Australia; and an international exhibition of artists’ books.  The gallery will take no commission on any sales, and will refer potential buyers to the artists themselves. 

Here’s my attempt.  When Pearl brought back the board, it looked amazing. I almost didn’t want to do anything to it, but then that’s not the point.  Her background was all space and planets…so I thought some type of lunar thing.

My lunar craft has an exhaust and dumps sewage.

Okay and he’s got a striped shirt and lots of radar because that’s necessary.

I then cut it out and sort of tried it out to see if I liked it. Still not sure.

I spray glued it on and then got ready to varnish the whole board.

Varnishing reeks so I thought I’d kill two birds with one stone.

I’m not sure if I’m ripping this off and starting anew. There’s a few things I’m not totally happy with but hey nobody’s perfect.

(Michael C. Hsiung)



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2 responses to “reSESSION – My board in progress . . .

  1. So fresh. The only thing is, you want to skate a board that cool-looking, but it’s just impossible. That one goes on the wall.

  2. alibabuna

    dental implant alternative
    pink orange polka dot tights

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