Art LA 2009 – The day I got stuck in Venice for 9 hours- PART 1

  Alternators, they’ve been the story of my life.  When I had my Toyota Corolla, bless it’s soul, I had the alternator replaced after my car died in the middle of the 280 freeway during rush hour, resulting in a police officer “ramming” my car off the freeway.  Shortly that car just fell apart.  After that car I had a GeoMetro for $2,000. It lasted 3 months.  Finally I bought a decent used car. First crappy Honda Civic DX model. Why the hell am I talking about this?  Well, this is advice I would have given my sister before we headed out to Art LA 2009 at Barker Hanger, Santa Monica.

Okay, so Art LA 2009 is basically a giant Art Fair showcasing 60 galleries from around the world – Berlin, Hong Kong, and Melbourne.  Hell,  Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger states in the Art LA preface that this show provides an enriching art exchange for the Los Angeles community, and I commend all those who made this showcase possible . . . 

Anyhow Pearl picked me up and her friend, Rosalie, and we headed to Barker Hangar to see Art LA.  It was a pretty massive showing and was very overwhelming. I apologize to anybody who I missed or credited incorrectly – it was totally a Kris Angel mind-fuck.  Our car crapped out twice, once while making a left to the show in the rain, and then after the show, in the left hand turn lane in the rain.  We ended up getting that beater towed.  After that we walked down Lincoln Blvd until Phil and Rachel picked us up.  We left LA at 11 am and got home about 9 pm.  Sweet Jesus.

This is how I bribe Pearl to pick me up. Damn, only if I knew…hah.

She dropped off the board that we are collaborating on for ReSession Show. It was so nice that I’m afraid I’m gonna ruin it.

And then we were off . . . 45 minutes later in Santa Monica.  Suddenly, the lights flicker, the radio slowly dies, and the power windows stop . . . Crapped out.  Sorry no photos of Rosalie and me pushing the damn car in the rain through an intersection into a gas station. Damn great start!  Well, we waited a while and suddenly it started back on!  Eh…we figured screw it we’re almost there.

$10 view from the parking!  

I’m neither, but Rosalie gets her press pass.

And BAM people everywhere . . . the fear is starting to hit me.

First thing I see . . . from a gallery I can’t find in the booklet.  It’s that one guy . . . what’s his name? Mark Ryden of course.

First stop, Pearl’s gallery the Steve Turner Contemporary.  They hooked up the free passes and brought us here.

Deborah Grant’s piece was massive and extremely intricate and detailed unlike this photo.  One of my favorites.

Okay so it’s covered in black ink drawings of pipes and machines…

I bet she has a really clean house.

by Deborah Grant, oil and collage on birch panel

by Deborah Grant, oil and collage on birch panel

Work by Pearl C. Hsiung

My Barbarian

And back into the chaos.

I can’t figure out which gallery this is.

Rosalie snapping a photograph of the pill for Artnews.  Unfortunately, I can’t figure out which artist and gallery this belongs too. 


Peter Saul from Patrick Painter Inc.

Peter Saul from Patrick Painter Inc.

Below: Anothermountainman, 2006 Photograph, 153 x 122 cm from 10 Chancery Lane Gallery (Hong Kong)

This piece was already out of focus.

Okay, I’m out of coffee and need to shower.  Part II will be coming Monday.


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