New Issue of Juxtapoz

A new issue of Juxtapoz is always greeted with mixed emotions… sudden happiness to see such rad new content, and anxiety that rent is due soon. This is because Juxtapoz has managed to be one of few art magazines to crank out fresh content on a monthly basis for over… How long has it been now? I remember reading Jux at a time when I was constantly adorned with a skateboard, acne, and a walkman spinning a Misfits cd. Werd.


As always stay up with the Juxtapoz blog!




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3 responses to “New Issue of Juxtapoz

  1. mikechsiung

    Tell Juxtapoz to just put a tiny tiny little article about Michael C. Hsiung! Hah. I skateboard and had acne.

  2. oooh! i have some of mike’s work in my house. his stuff is pretty rad.

  3. Mars-1 is amazing.

    Cant wait for Aprils issue!

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