Gems Grotto


(06 client: personal description: pop-up book created with Craig Holden Feinberg of Fabrica)


00 client: personal description: hand made book created from wood & ribbon illustrating blocks of lyrics.

About our Miami buddy Raymond Gems Adrian AKA Gems Grotto:

“When you don’t want to go to sleep because your mind is so focused on creating, that’s called passion, and to live passionately one must simply continue to push the envelope forward.” Raymond Gems Adrian, a Miami local of Cuban descent. The name Gems originated from his green eyes from young. Raymond’s favorite things are Cuban coffee, music, and art. He is an Alumni of Miami International University of Art and Design and has created award winning works ranging from illustrations to I.D.’s and Murals to Sculptures for Volkswagen, GeekSquad, Univision, CNN, Discovery and many more. He has also been published by many literary art publications with artwork spanning worldwide. He continues on carving his path in the scene and working on new upcoming solo and collaborative efforts.”

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His website also rocks a great blog on all things art in MIA.
Check it out here.


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