Check out Saelee Oh’s interview on My Love For You

I met Saelee in 2007 while we were both shooting a Sprint Commercial called Dreams (I drew an orifice of a volcano, a star, a frame and stuff…in the long version I kicked a football, in the short version I got screwed).  She’s really got some beautiful art and also makes some great stuff like calendars, prints, and t-shirts.  Check out here store and website at

I recently happened to re-read this great interview on Saelee on  Check it out and then go check out her art.

Here’s an excerpt:

your work has a dream like quality to me, almost fairy tale-esque. can you tell us a little bit about your inspirations?

i like the idea of being able to make tangible dreams. lately l’ve been finding inspiration in: romanticism, idealism, headaches and heartaches, reading everything: fiction, non-fiction, memoirs and biographies, libraries, puns, metaphors, traveling to places I’ve never been before, discoveries of new species, the design of nature and how everything is interconnected, relationships, decorative arts, folk art, high-brow art, gut feelings, past memories, nostalgia, weather, vagabonds and wanderers.


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