Street Art Blows


(Image: Street Art Blows Dot Com)

The real names and hometowns of Nekst and Wyse recently surfaced on this website via a comment. Per request, they have since been removed. This morning I received this email, sent “anonymously.” Though over all rubbish, there are a few points worth posting. Of all the facets of the art world, art made in the street, and for the street (all forms) is definitely where an important part of Art History has been at for the past twenty years. Is art still relevant in the street? Should it be there in the first place? Time will tell. Until then opinions are a dime a dozen:::

“The following is my opinion. Street “art” is part of the problem, not the solution. The idea that abstract and inaccessible artistic “imagery” illegally wheat pasted in urban environments will make “change” is stupid. The people doing street art are eager to sell out and allow their work to be a part of the system they claim to make work against. Street art represents the commodification of a once-purely rebellious thing, graffiti. Street art is a product, a cog in the machine of capitalism. Banksy auctions his work and Shepard Fairey makes clothes. The Tate here in London decides to have a street art exhibition. The industry of the art world and the fashion world are two institutions that furiously propagate capitalism, and capitalism is the real propagator for wars. It is not aggression, it is not violence, those are merely tools to acquire the fuel for capitalism, money. Street artists eagerly answer to galleries because of the illusion that their work will be better distributed and that they are finally receiving the recognition they deserve. True graf writers will say “fuck you” to a gallery attempting to show their graffiti because they understand that it is a top-down system.

True graffiti and particularly bombing pummel cities with evidence that a resistance to society exists. It doesn’t matter why they are doing it.

Street art pummels the city with evidence that there will always be people in the mainstream unintentionally perpetuating the problems they claim to fight. People see Obey wheat pastes and can go to the mall of America and purchase an Obey t-shirt.

Street Artists who think they are making change should be stopped, because they are doing quite the opposite. They are ensuring that change will never happen.

Bear in mind, this is merely my opinion. Everything is opinion.

However, no matter what side you are on, there is one thing shared between the two worlds and that is that they both rely on anonymity to further their causes and evade the society they engage. No respected graf writer would ever give up the name of a street artist because then the ultimate enemy wins, the police. You are giving yourself a bad rap by inaccurately divulging the details of the identity of graf writers. With respect, please retract or edit your blog post. Handle your business on the streets and away from the police.




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