Installation Photos from Barnsdall Park East of Eden

 Here are some photos and text from when I was installing for Barnsdall Park’s East of Eden show last year. Check them out!

Yesterday was the first day of installation for the Barnsdall Park East of Eden show, taking place September 19-21. I arrived there and met up with Leora Lutz from Gallery Revisited around noon. The space that is reserved for GR artists is through the main gallery and then to the right, all the way down to the right.

I started my sketches for my wall mural/installation, which is something like a flow chart. It’s a man farting out his art. Starts with his thoughts and moves to him (farting) and then to the fart bubbles, which make their way to the toilet. Basically, all his farts get washed down the drain. How sad.

Here’s his cute silhouette. Funny enough the paint I had mixed was Silhouette…ah.

The man’s toilet of course.

The farting bubble above his toilet.

The poor man is pushing and pushing….it

I think it’s pretty awesome I get to paint a guy just letting it rip, with my art in it. I know all the analogies…..but I can’t believe they let me do it.

Yeah, I’m totally painting this toilet. Look at the precision.

What goes inside the gassy clouds of stink.

It turns into something like this.

Anyhow, please if you get a chance come and check out the show. There’s Thinkspace, Junc, Black Maria, and more!!!


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