The people won’t leave alone the WK Interact/ Nekst/ Wyse drama so I gotta post some recent comments that I think are hilarious.
I suppose, the truth is surfacing about the mysterious “bad boy” graffiti writer Nekst…

“These guys are from my town in Texas ….. (The real name of Nekst has been taken down per request.) / Nekst, we used to call him Shrek. His brother IS (I have also been asked to take his name off the website.) Wyse. They look like twins, I think —- lives in NYC. All Nekst likes to do is get COKED UP and punch people. He is real lucky he did not get caught here in Miami the law is not cool for assault.”


“its real sad when you see whose posing as bombers these days. just another bunch of fakers using the street to get famous and in with the gallerys. heads got to recognize these little sell outs like NEKST got to be disciplined. WE dont do this for the same reasons. and his daddys texas doll house dont look nothing like the SouthBronx to me.”


And after all the “fuck art fags” comments. I thought this was really on point:::

“Dudes, you all gonna have to calm the fuck down because you are all so (retarded)!!!!!!
Nekst thinks so highly of himself with his miserably primitive artwork that he allows himself the right to “fuck” another artist on the street?

It’s because of mentally (retarded) people like NEKST that shit gets out of hand and before you know it everyone and their little brother is dead!

Look at all the retarded comments on the WK incident: “frog” ??????? do you guys even know who is the French president? probably not, because you spend so much time trying to emulate the old glory days of the pioneer graffiti guys -who would be embarrassed by your crime- and who have totally moved on in their art career. Does NEKST think he is so legitimate that he can start a war over a space that’s not his and that’s been comissioned by the owner? I bet he is jealous of WK’s talent and recognition…who cares if WK is French? does that make him a phony? all of you Nekst supporters should make a little investigation into the ghettos of France…graffiti is totally prevalent, and has been for a while.

Nekst is only calling for cultural regression with his crime; retaliation only works when something terrible has happened…look at his work: sorry, but it’s pathetic and should be hidden from plain sight.
So if you guys think it’s brotherhood to fuck up a legitimate artist, revise your thinking.
Times have changed.”

-Jeanne d’arc



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6 responses to “Nekst

  1. 2fear2know

    whats the purpose of this post?

  2. eat your children

    why can’t people just draw. 99.99% of the world lumps anyone who draws, pastes or marks up walls all together anyway, newbies, foreigners, neighborhood boys or “artists.” if some of you think your better, or been around longer than others or whatever, you might be or you might not. do you want a trophy or something?

    calling each other names, making threats and telling stories just makes all of us look stupid. that’s for elementary school kids and day-time talk shows. this isn’t Jenny Jones, it’s graf.

  3. seriously

    no matter what side of things you are on, you should never post some one’s name on any forum. please remove that comment. you can leave what ever hear say you want about him but remove any name please. that is NOT ok.

  4. Dick


  5. Balls

    You can run but you cant hide.

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