Artists for Israel


I’ve got opinions. A lot of them.

When I saw the flier for a gallery show about Artists for Israel, the first thing I thought was “Israel. Really?” Art sales to befit a country that has better intelligence, missile defense, security, and military might, of every country with the exception of the United States. Really?

But I like Bombin’ Magazine so I was curious to see what would grace the walls of The Stanton Barrett Gallery.

I arrived outside the gallery on the Lower East Side and was promptly padded down by two dudes working security.
Perhaps they felt I had an uncanny resemblance to this guy…


As I stood arms out, legs spread in the snow I mentioned to the two of them that I had no bombs, or grenades. They laughed in this weird way that made me think they actually were expecting someone to show up with explosives. When I got inside I bumped into Cahbasmn. Come to find out they didn’t pat him down. This means, I am officially more gangster than Cahbasmn. Take note America.

Here is the almighty Cahbasmn signing the black book…















All in all a very interesting show. Politics aside I can’t be mad at someone for wanting to stand up, support, and defend their country. Artists for Israel has got cojones. For real folks.



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6 responses to “Artists for Israel

  1. Lois Stavsky

    This is so interesting! Have you any idea how long this will be up?

  2. D

    Was a really cool show. Great Vibe… as usual at Bombin’ hosted events. and Great Art.

  3. minx

    the show was great =]

  4. Bombin Magazine is a very good rag. I read them and love them. As for the show, it looks like a lot of fun.

    I remember when I was a kid, talking politics was fun. It was fun cause it never cost me a friendship and i got to hear different people’s perspectives and of course share mine – which is weird and unique.

    Nowdays if you even breathe a political opinion that is different from other people, you might as well be a social pariah to be shunned and avoided.

    I understand that we live in weird violent topsy turvy times, but yelling at each other will not solve anything.

    Listening and responding AND RESPECTING ANOTHERS OPINION will help our future.

    And if you think I am crazy, think about meeting someone who says:

    i LOVE george bush
    i HATE obama
    i support israel
    hamaz is a terrorist organization

    say those things and you risk being ripped limb from limb. or avoided.

    all i am saying is DIALOGUE even if it is not what you wanna hear – but as long as you are willing to listen – is all we need to move forward.

    this show in support of israel near obamas inauguration day is symbolic to me that perhaps we can in fact start talking to each other again.

    SO CELEBRATE THIS SHOW – it is the first with a different opinion since back in the day!

    GOOD ON YA BOMBIN MAGAZINE. Now feature my art. just kidding. FOOX

  5. This Week In Vandalism

    Besides the Minx and Jerm canvas that Kosher Howey One KH1 canvas rocked ! Why didn’t you post any pictures of that ?

    After all he is the only person rocken Hebrew on the streets today.

  6. KH1 is the real deal Holyfield. My camera ran out of batteries though. That should give you some insight into what kind of operation we got going on over here at The Mongrel….

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