The Pop Up Art of Jayme McGowan and Roadside Projects

Man, don’t you hate it when you see something and go . . . that’s awesome I wish I could do that? Jayme’s stuff on etsy is amazing . . . I was definitely punching my leg saying “Damnit Michael why can’t you do stuff like that. Genius.” They are these affordable pop up framed art pieces that are reminiscent of 1920’s or 30’s men and women in hot air balloons and stuff. We have similar aesthetic tastes and appreciate a nicely trimmed mustached gentlemen. I especially like the family portrait series. Damn, I gotta get me one of these and hang it up in my house. Well, I just did . . . I bought one and I’m poor.

Check out her blog and befriend her on flickr.

All available on her etsy shop – unless I’ve already boughten it.

$15 The Knife Juggler

$15 The Trapeze Twins

$15 The Ring of Fire

$15 The Balloon Travel

Roadside Projects is the hopeful creative outlet of Jayme McGowan, an artist and illustrator working in Sacramento, California. My hope is to produce work in a variety of media, in large and small scale, that aim toward a high level of artistry and innovation while maintaining a spirit of roadside earnestness.


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  1. Whoa… I had a dream last night that this post was covered on Oprah. She gave us mad shout outs. We got a gazzillion hits and Mike Hsiung and I got paid like bandits. Thanks Oprah.

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