If we ever need to hire anyone we promise to put out ads as awesome as this one.

SUBJECT: Publicist needed that is NOT a skanky cunt! COPBAR.TV (Flatiron)

Epileptic/Arson Productions has been seeking a publicist to publicize and promote the recently released video “COP BAR” starring several actors from “The Sopranos” but only seems to get contacted by fast talking, know-nothing, rope-a-dope, money grubbing, skanky cunts who purport to be Publicists. Being eternal optimists, we believe that there must be at least one
legitimate non-skanky cunt Publicist out there capable of acheiving this goal.

This is a serious PR opportunity for the right person or firm who can demonstrate the ability and track record of successfully generating publicity for videos and TV shows for which “COP BAR” is being developed into.
View the video at: COPBAR.TV and if interested and QUALIFIED, contact for more information.
Needless to say; skanky cunts need not apply.




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2 responses to “WOW!

  1. Lurch

    Just watched COP BAR ! IT IS AWESOME!!!

  2. Chicago Aku Aku

    Psssst, I’m not wearing any panties.

    Chicago Aku Aku

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