David Foox

Tutorial on making a gel transfer by David Foox.

“Feeling crafty? Of course you are. Good thing our buddy and crazy-gifted artist David Foox just sent us over this cool lil gel transfer tutorial he put together for you. If you happen to have a photograph you’d like to keep around for a while (and we know you do), simply print it from your home printer in color (any printer will do and use regular printer paper, David advises) then coat the image with gel gloss liquitex. “When you peel off the paper you will have quite a cool image,” David promises. But hell, don’t take our word for it. Learn the tricks of the trade from the man himself in this video tutorial.
Now where did we put our gel gloss liquitex…?”

Juxtapoz Magazine



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3 responses to “David Foox

  1. Penny M.

    amazing artist. i love his quirks.

  2. Hey! Thank you for posting this Foox Gel Transfer tutorial. Here is part 2 which contains more information on how to remove the paper and illustrates it in the episode.

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Great video. funny accent. sounds like a british pensioner? no?

    Good luck to this up and coming artist. I wish him the best prosperity. Over drinks last night, I conversed with some friends about Foox artwork and whether we will see this art in museums and in auction houses. And the conclusion amongst us was that this is an artist with a bright and interesting career.

    Go David Foox.


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