New York Streets…



“NEV1 SMART Crew took it to MBW on Houston again, a month after POBE MPH first took the spot back. MBW went over a 3 year old R.I.P burner to Meghan that had been painted by BASE MPH and RSON.
NEV1 came and gave an anniversary shout to Meagan. Same person?
Either way, it is nice to see MBW and his disrespectful ass being covered.”

Bombin’ Magazine






In a city this size somebody is bound to die at some point. If you’re lucky you will be remembered with a memorial by friends. If you live in my neighborhood you will be remembered as long as the candles stay lit and the half filled bottles of cheap liquor and backwash only previously poured onto sidewalk stay upright, not drank by the homeless, kicked over, discarded, or snowed on.

Murals in Flatbush…





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