Artist to Check out: Jon McNair

I forget where I discovered Jon McNair‘s art, but it was somewhere on Flickr. I remember thinking that I wish I could draw like him. His drawings depict very beautiful illustrations that allude to medieval imagery, woodcuts, and a little Dungeons & Dragons (that could just be me though). For those who know me, you can see why I really admire seeing this guy’s stuff. Check out his website and be a friend of his on flickr at

Jon MacNair, an artist and illustrator living in Baltimore, was born in Seoul, South Korea and grew up in the suburbs of Michigan where he developed a love of drawing. After many years of having people tell him “You should be an artist”, he decided to attend The Maryland Institute College of Art where he earned a degree in illustration. Jon still lives in Baltimore where he works as a freelance illustrator doing work for various editorial publications. He is also the co-creator of Pangoland Studios, a collaborative art and illustration team which specializes in unique stationary and greeting cards.

He has great studio and work in progress photos:


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