An Open Letter To George W. Bush

Dear Mr. President,

I know you are busy packing your bags right now. In fact, so busy it is said that you were unable to accommodate our next president with an early move in so his kids could be settled prior to the start of school. You were never a big fan of helping black kids go to school so this does not come as a surprise to me.

I wanted to take this time to write to you today because I feel there is some important things you need to keep in mind on these last days. It is these last days that you still can ignore the American people, and go about your business in that arrogant demeanor that has come to characterize you as a president. So take a deep breath and enjoy it… because some things might come as a big shock to you upon leaving.

Mr. President, it has been said by many of your supporters (I believe they still account for 3.5% of America) that you may be an unpopular president now, but that history will remember you fondly. Your supporters have the audacity to remind me that Lincoln at the time of his presidency, was unpopular for freeing the slaves. They feel that the current accusations by most which state that you were utterly negligent with your handling of well everything will be viewed differently come the future. Example of ‘everything’ are but not limited to:

-The Katrina disaster, not to mention your botched Where’s Waldo attempt at finding weapons of mass destruction during that silly little invasion of Iraq, oh also introducing the Patriot Act which stripped this country of some of our major liberties set forth by our founding fathers yet gives you Mr. President the power of a dictator, not to mention your handling of the terror attacks on September 11th, 2001 which birthed the Patriot Act, the sheer fact that you have been unable to locate, capture, and kill Osama Bin Laden, even the fact that your inauguration day was cut short due to the mass protests because the fact is, regardless if you were even elected democratically, the point is you were assigned the presidency by the Supreme Court… It is the little things like these that your supporters say will be seen in a different light and that history will prove you right. History will reflect on you fondly Mr. President. I know you are concerned with your legacy so I wanted to let you in on a little thing you’ve probably missed in the past eight years… It’s called “Youtube.”

Mr. President Youtube is a website that allows viewers to upload their own videos, and other people’s videos… like news stories… that can shed some hard hitting, fact checked, proof of your negligent, arrogant, incoherent, possibly drunk, cowboy like behavior. See in the past a president’s legacy was easier to attain because history so far has been written by the powerful and stored in big, heavy, boring encyclopedias. The problem is that this pesky internet allows history to be written by the people. Let me take you on a brief tour.

Remember your innaguaration? Look at all the nice folks that came out to the streets to welcome you!

Here is video of where you were and how you reacted on the morning of September 11th, 2001 when our country was attacked by terrorists. Thanks for taking your time. I know you don’t like to rush into things.

Speaking of not rushing into things. Here is some video of Katrina. I know it took you a while to get there so here is some video of all the fun you missed.

Oh man! How ’bout those pesky weapons of mass destruction? What’s the deal with those silly things?

Anyhow, to conclude Mr. President like many, I raise my shoe to you. I believe it is a sign of endearment. Here is one last video.

Take it easy down there in Texas buddy.
I promise to never forget you as long as I live.

Your Pal,



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