Stickers Inappropriately Interacting Part II

So here’s my Part II to the stickering project that I’m sort of doing… It’s become more and more fun and interesting, especially with all the encouraging emails and comments.  Here’s a second bunch of hand-drawn stickers as well as some printed stickers.  I plan to make some Colorform / interacting type stickers that I can send around.

This batch includes the dad with a guy, the kid with his hands up, the fat man with the ice cream cone, the Child Molester, and the kid with the yo-yo.

Sticker Batch
Sticker Scene … Later that evening, I dropped this one on the Tavern floor.

Sticker Set – This one I was able to stick up!  phew.

You should be able to figure out what character this guy is . . . I wasn’t sure where I wanted him lurking.

Here’s a sticker I made for a new independent record label that I’m currently drawing t-shirts and posters for.  I thought I’d make them a sticker and see if they wanted to make more to stick around town or send to folks.

Track Number

Close-up of possible sticker interaction on my table.  I think I’ll stick the big guy dropping the ice cream cone along with the child molester holding the lollipop.  They seem to go together for some reason.

Men hugging

Accessories. I think I like drawing them.  Here I made a business guy tripping and there’s his attache case.  Later, I made an elderly gentlemen and his walker.  They should all be interacting in a fine drama on your local utility box..

Tripping Businessman

I started to make this giant Russian guy for a skateboard project I’m working on. I drew him a couple sticker bottles of Vodka and a handgun.  Sounds like a good night to me.  Anyhow, here he is . . . large, in charge, and Russian.

Big Russian

A successful stick’em up of a scene I like to call “stick’em up”… wocka, wocka.  I hope to put up some more intricate sticker scenes in the coming weeks.  Okay, back to drawing and cutting….

(somewhere on Glendale Blvd., Los Angeles, CA)

Stick'em UP


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