Steve Turner Contemporary Opening Saturday, January 10th

Here’s an opening for anyone in Los Angeles or visiting Los Angeles, like my buddy who will be in town Chris Mccaw. He doesn’t know it but I’m going to take him to the opening, as my date. Chris is a really interesting photographer whom I known through mutual friends and infamous New Years Eve parties. He’s also a guy who likes to build big cameras.

These openings are at the Steve Turner Contemporary. Born in 1973 in Los Angeles, California, Jeff Ono does some really intricate and beautiful sculptures.

Jeff's sculptures

Jeff Ono

In Possession of a Picture is a series of 50 photographic diptychs of recent cases in which people have been stopped, questioned, detained or arrested because they were photographing or found to be in possession of a picture. The pictures in question–the ones that remain invisible–are of sensitive sites in the USA; bridges, banks, tourist attractions, state capitals, and power plants. In this series the unseen image is paired with a publicly available image that has been found on the internet. Whenever possible, the names of both photographers are credited.


I hope to return with some opening photos…

(Michael C. Hsiung)


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