Peasant “On The Ground”


“It is a common misconception of social collective thought that human strength is an admirable trait. Looking for hero’s or self acclamation to justify a personal cause usually manifests into an ego Goliath would be intimidated by. Just like the boy with the rock, Peasant aka Damien DeRose uses an acoustic guitar and an unabashed and unapologetic view of human vulnerability to conquer, or at least battle, the emotional apathy we find ourselves privy to in trying to compete with our personal demons. The smallest pebble can occasionally make the strongest weapon in the battle against what we think we want and who we really are.”

Learn more about Peasant.

Music Review by Heidi Greenwood

(This review will also be published in Slam Magazine. February 2009.)


Additionally, Heidi Greenwood recently contributed to the Best of 2008 edition of Spin Magazine.
Definitely worth checking out!


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