Ken Garduno

Los Angeles artist Ken Garduno is a fellow whose art I’ve been following around (non stalkingly) and who I am a fan and admirer of. I haven’t run into Ken for a bit, but I usually see him at art openings, shows, and bars. I actually have one of his postcard size pieces above my drawing desk. He’s got a really nice sense of style and his characters remind me of futuristic 1920’s prostitutes and proper men. Take a look through his website and check out his great illustrations, drawings, and the editorials’ he has done for papers such as LA Weekly, SF Weekly, and the Verdugo Monthly. He’s got art for sale as well. Affordable art so go get some.

Ken Garduno graduated from Art Center College of Design in April 2006. Since graduating, he has been working as a freelance illustrator for various publications, as well as exhibiting his work in galleries throughout the U.S.  Check his website




Infected: dormant

Greed Machnie

Stay up to date with Ken and his artwork by stalking his blog.

(We’re going to have to bug him and do some type of interview thing.)

(Michael C Hsiung)


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