WK Interact vs. Nekst (Conclusion to the Epic Battle)

(Bombin Magazine)

Being that the original post about WK Interact and the fight he got in at Art Basel caused such a shit storm of internet buzz gargled up in a bunch of opinions I figure I better at least post the following.

Apparently, the piece that initiated the beef (though arguably very one sided beef) between WK Interact with Nekst and WYSE, was actually a commissioned piece by WK Interact. The store owner on the Lower East Side (and friend of WK Interact) was tired of the graffiti on the side of his building (i.e. Nekst and WYSE) however he enjoyed the work of WK Interact and thus a commission was born. Details of this story can be found here.

(Bombin Magazine)

So then comes Art Basel and WK Interact is putting up another legal piece (with Primary Flight) when out of the blue comes Nekst who apparently only asks “Are you WK?” and when he answers “yes” Nekst basically sucker punches him and there is an altercation. It is debatable though how bad the damage actually was.

Originally I had heard that WK was accosted by a Miami gang believing he was on their turf. I heard horror stories that basically entailed everything from pitbulls being sicked on him to being gang raped by zombies. Being that I used to live not to far from where WK’s mural is in a rather dirty part of Miami, all of the above seemed plausible.

So I ran with the story and it was posted here. That post continues to get hits and is the second most popular story on this website. It is the number one most searched after story.

(Image courtesy of Logan Hicks via Fecal Face)

I hope that this clarifies some things. This drama only spewed various heated conversations and hate mail in my inbox. But there are times when facts need to be laid out and topics discussed, especially in regards to what happens on the street. For that reason I hope you continue to check out all the content we churn out over here at The Mongrel. Major magazines are too classy to cover a street fight… smaller zines like Bombin Magazine only go so far as to talk shit, and well, other forums like Streetsy just show photos that have already run on this site weeks before. As a matter of fact, last we heard about Jake Dobkin he was picking fights with girls… So stay up with The Mongrel.



P.S. Anyone that still wants to talk shit better be careful. This is my guard dog…



As you can see, he’s a trained killer.



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3 responses to “WK Interact vs. Nekst (Conclusion to the Epic Battle)

  1. Badger Almanac

    based on that interpretation NEKST should be charged and convicted of a crime – a crime involving the harming of another human being without reason or right.

    this is a clear cut case of a criminal doing a crime.

  2. Hi. It is nice to meet you. We should talk.

  3. utfo

    Nekst is a criminal. You don’t punch another Graffer in the face 15 times, especially when the building owner gave him permission to “redo” the wall, in daylight no less. Nekst got caught by rollers in Miami , he’s no ninja and he’s not smart. WK has been tagging at night for 23 years and he’s never been caught. The punishment doesn’t fit the crime. Nekst is next.

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