FOOX: Creatures of God


“This is my first painting in a very large and complex series. The series will be called “Creatures of God” and will speak to the infinite nature of humanity and our connectivity to all that is around us. Since I am a big proponent of challenging our realities, I am painting this series to do just that. Whenever I start a series, I try and identify exactly what I want to gain from the series, from the process, from the creation of it all. No, I am not going to tell you my goals for this series – at least not yet, but I will show you this first sneak peak. The rest will remain under wraps until the body of work is complete – a mere 6 months from now!”

More at FOOX-U.



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2 responses to “FOOX: Creatures of God

  1. Jennifer

    I am excited to see what is to come David!

  2. This painting is beautiful. I only saw a few of FOOX’s pieces at his studio but I never got to see this one finished!!! It represents feminine beauty in my eyes… the golds and bronze colors of the flesh are so perfect. I really would like to have this one hanging on my wall.

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