Stickers inapprioriately interacting in a city near you.

Everyday I’ve been going to the Post Office to mail prints and junk to various folks around the world. I started with some of these fellows:

I’ll have to take better photos of the ones I put up around the block for fun. Nothing like a sword-swallowing dude on your parking meter.
Sword Swallower

I made some more and felt like a kid playing in my apartment. Here’s a PennyFarthing bike lover or Trick Rider.

Bike Humper

RRrrunnn!! for your life!!
Beware of Bears

Here’s the complete set. I think I’ll be buying some sticker paper and making some more. The bear and the killer skier go together, the homeless guy and the dude stomping are a set, and then the merman.

(Michael C. Hsiung)

Check out new work by Michael C Hsiung here!
Also peep Michael’s visit to his sister Pearl C. Hsiung’s art studio in Los Angeles here!



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8 responses to “Stickers inapprioriately interacting in a city near you.

  1. haha “and then the merman…”

    they look great!

  2. Nice work, I love your style. I will keep my eyes open in Toronto for your work. That is if you have visited us here yet.


  3. mikechsiung

    Thanks. I’m glad you guys are enjoying them. I’ll be making more and more in the coming days.

  4. Foulgernon

    I’m gonna have to go find that parking meter! I’ll rip the entire thing out of the ground and store it on my mantel for decades, one day handing it down to my grandchildren’s great grandchildren. Thank you for the heirloom, kind sir.

    but srsly, Good to see you stickering!

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  6. mikechsiung

    Thanks so much. I’m really glad you all like them. I hope to make more and send them around to folks to stick around like Colorforms.

  7. Cody

    Aww the us postal service always the vandals enabler

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