(Oliver Laric, “Biceps”)

The brief: “Visualize Tokyo of the Future”.
A video for Wieden + Kennedy’s TokyoLab- an experimental commercial film/design collective and record label housed within an ad agency. This video is the finale of their Tokyo.Now series for NHK, Japan’s equivalent to PBS. You can see the rest of the series here:

Tokyo Now

Music : Tatsuya Yamada (flowt, MAS, Tyme.)
Voice : Yoshio Ootani 大谷能生 | Anna Yamada (ete)


(Love/Awareness campaign by NIKE to get kids active.)


Animation: Z Wang
Music: “First Breath After Coma” by Explosions in the Sky

“Graphic City is a pure typography animation which involved with the exploration of
typography and also the personal feeling of the modern cities. The initial idea came
form the continuously observation of the city/cities around me and our life. I lived
around the Canary Wharf area in London for two years, the pression of the night
time of the area inspired me to find out the connections of the light and empty
buildings with type. The idea of using only type to build up the city is inspired by the
Braille, cause what I think is for those blind people, what they can see of the city are
ot the actual figures, shapes and colours, but what’s in their head is only the feeling
of touching the Braille.”


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