To quickly address all the internetland hype and drama between bombers, pasters, lovers, and haters, stemming from the post on WK Interact in Miami… lets get some basic facts straight.

I’m not here to speak about the “rules” of the street.
Personally I do not care.
Let’s talk about more interesting things like evolution, hypocrisy, and artistic merit.

When I was twelve years old I used to tag up everything I could find with “Klown.” I was twelve.
At some point grown men need to stop writing on things.
Or if you must, at least step up your game a little.
Graffiti isn’t a new concept. It has been found on the ruins of the ancient Roman city of Pompeii.


To address some of the comments left on this site, yes, bombers started in the Bronx in the eighties… but in no way does this credit you as being O.G.’s with preferential treatment in the street. It’s not like you are from Pompeii, know what I mean?

To add, this idea that bomb graffiti some how has “historical” relevance over wheat pasters is absurd. Let’s talk about evolution. After reading the comments its important to me that I share with you that wheat paste has been around for a very long time. As a matter of fact, it was once the only way for the common man to express himself. Wheat paste gave a voice to the voiceless. The ingredients are simple and inexpensive. The message can be profound. This has evolved into an animal of its own, but it is evolution, you know… (the thing that gives bombers that opposable thumb that lets them hold that aerosol can) that is to credit for wheat paste. And wheat paste came first.


(Notice the pleasant two inch borders providing room for everybody. Team work kids! Okay, not to contradict myself but the friendliness amongst wheat pasters here makes me want to puke a little.)

Now, in regards to the closed mindedness of the community of bombers. The initial explosion of bomb graffiti in the eighties that swamped New York City was the psychological result of daily turmoil, excess, and anxiety that once occurred in this concrete jungle so many of us call home. Puerto Rican kids in the Bronx suddenly had the same power, notoriety, and relevance as the rich and powerful neighbors that they crammed into the subways with. Again, it is a voice for the voiceless.

What is fascinating is that the bombers of 2008 no longer live in this same New York. Rather than moving on and growing together in a city better equipped (garbage men aren’t on strike these days) this community continues to gravitate towards grabbing up land and property like prisoners and blocking out the voices of others. Isn’t that contrary to what this whole subconscious movement was about in the first place?

Let me also say that as someone that documents the street, what you see on this site under “New York Streets” is the cream of the crop. Most everything on the street is pretty boring to me. That goes for wheat pasters too. The ability for an image to be captivating enough to photograph is the same terrain that curators, appraisers, and buyers use for evaluating art. This is called “merit”. And as far as merit is concerned, most street artists far outweigh the juvenile nature of most bomb graffiti. That is why you will mostly see wheat pasters and stencil artists on this website. If you like bomb graffiti then go to Bombin Magazine’s website. I go there a lot myself.

Lastly, I just want to reiterate that our world is at war. We are witnessing the emergence of a president that knows all of his ABC’s… and yet, fools are still walking around like cavemen that missed the evolution train. Here is a picture of a piece I did for Art Basel in Miami in 2007.


The installation was an attempt to find a way to express the spirituality that exists in new urbanism; a spirituality that runs through me as a consumer. Built on found items including garbage on the street and torn pieces of wheat pasted posters, the objects were collaged into mixed media installations and exist as illustrations of socio economic issues. By using collage, each piece explores the possibility of finding spirituality in a contemporary urban environment through the repurposing of found items. Along each cut of paper is an entire life of the object. Branded, marketed, discarded, paper becomes trash, once as advertisement, and now as art. The ultimate result of each piece is a reincarnation, or a third generation of the object, sampled like in hip hop, reconnected like energy, the art becomes a reconciliation of various elements into a narrative. Once inert garbage is now breathing life.


Look how Gaia gets bombed over and simply comes back and pastes another head like a champ. Rather than just going over the bomber, his actions only add a new context, an energy, an atmosphere that is an ongoing narrative. This is what draws me to street art, not petty feuds.

Your pal,




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13 responses to “Streetruecalle

  1. we are all haters!..we hate the very foundation of this society…the rules and everyhing!….thats why i paste shit on walls…i cannot afford to buy a single spraycan… i just use whatever available crap materials!…or whatever techniques……after all…it is result which justifies your proces!

  2. Dekal

    Don’t speak on “bomber’s” because it’s obvious your not one . No writer calls there self a bomber.
    and a diss is a diss. Your right most of us are way more juvenile then the educated art school kids.
    Most of us start painting because our houses are war zones ….. thus staying out late gett’n fadded with crew members and not going to school. Every wheat paste dude i’ve ever met would get smashed on by 85% of graf writers…. you should spend time in the yards and on the might see what happens to fools that get caught dissing.
    Writers are always in the streets…. always.
    Even the big name art writers. (they always fight too).

    Fools that are getting up don’t buy paint. A lot of writers steal art supplies and sell’em to you guys.

    Your a customer homie.

    art dudes… this is a war you can’t win….
    a 45 second fill in VS. a computer sketch that took 2 months to get right.

    last word , stay off the fill-in’s.

    you seen what happend in L.A.
    if not then the poster posters must not have a tight of a community as the writers.

    o yeah graffiti is based on beef ….. thats a fact.
    another day in the park. drop this one buddy.

  3. Dekal

    and fuck that war… there’s a fuckn war out here..

  4. JoeSmoe

    With things the way they are now a days I don’t think this really matters, but with the way you talk Dekal i am sure you do not understand…”homie”…

  5. jcb893

    Come along now children. Play nice or I’ll take your crayons…

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  7. hehehe

    expression is expression…

  8. Dearest Dekal,

    I am sorry for hurting your feelings. I did not mean that essay as a “diss.” That post was something us educated folk call “journalism.”

    I’m also sorry your neighborhood is a “war zone.”
    I live in the hood too. Maybe sometime you can swing by my place in Flatbush and we can have cupcakes. Stay positive and keep your head up.

    Your pal,


  9. rafer alston

    just cause you scribbled when you were young doesn’t mean you understand real writers, then or now…graffiti evolved because of beef, not the lack thereof, you don’t talk to resolve a conflict you crush em, that is the way…you can’t come into a subculture and try to change the rules without catching some heat, unfortunately for street artists, wheatpasting and stenciling as mediums almost never attracts those interested in or capable of handling beef effectively…

  10. Rafer Alston,

    Reread the article. You’re missing the point.

    I’m not in your subculture, nor do I want to be.

    That being said, I don’t mind taking time to answer comments here but they’ve got to be relevant to something I’ve actually said.



  11. KORI

    There are MANY many writers who do different types of “art” or different ways of getting up, promoting their art, stickers posters stencils etc…..
    Painting graffiti is not about the beef, its about getting up, being known, putting your stamp all around………beef usually results from jelousy hatred or just some dumb move you did!

  12. Dekal

    Yo Dasco.. not hurt’n feelings at all.
    You provided a subject and an extra soap box ..
    thats all.

    o wait … almost forgot to say homie.. homie.

  13. Philth

    why is it a war?
    everyone can get up!
    how ever they choose to!
    whats the problem?
    if you want beef fight the system.

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