(Painting of the Mona Lisa using Microsoft paint. Original painting time 2hrs 30mins.)

(Elvis painted on velvet with cheesy puffs.)

“A Taste of Australia A Portrait of YouTube’s TheHill88 done with Vegemite and a butter knife on 9 pieces of toast. Original painting time 1hr 30mins. Speed Plays in under 4 mins.”
(Highly recommended you mute the volume. This song makes my brain hurt.)

(500 years of male self portraits)

(Frida Kahlo self portraits)

(Drawing a head 3/4 view)

“This is a demonstration of the Steve Sprang app “Brushes” for iPhone/iPod touch. It took about 17 minutes.”

(This girl took a picture of herself everyday for three years.)

“President George W. Bush got a look at how history will remember him, at least in one artist’s view. Bush presided over the unveiling of his portrait at The Union League. (Dec. 6 2008)”


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