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Dear reader,

If you doubted me when I said that Daryll Peirce was one of the funniest dudes ever of all time, well… feast your eyes on this.


In 2007 Daryll had this creepy molester mustache. I remember him mentioning it didn’t fit in with Miami. In 2008 he appears to have replaced it with a beard, only to learn in his own words “beards just don’t make that much sense in hot beach weather. They also fit in about as well as a preacher in a titty bar.” Those hot pink shorty shorts with Miami Beach printed on the ass however… will get you all kinds of male attention in South Florida. Something to remember for all you artists looking to make it big Art Basel style in 2009.

(Image regretfully seen on Work Horse Visuals.)


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  1. No one knows, but those are actually Daryll’s “sleeping” shorts…

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