Inky Dreadfuls at McCaig Welles Gallery

Michael Mararian killed it Friday night with “Les Enfantes Diabolique” at McCaig Welles Gallery in Brooklyn. Nobody paints blood like Michael. If you missed last week’s interview with him, definitely check it out here.





Steve Lew, Michael Mararian, Laura Robertson, Kevin Bourgeois, Dasco

(Photo credits: Laura E. Robertson)



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2 responses to “Inky Dreadfuls at McCaig Welles Gallery

  1. …i don’t think I’m killing it with that hat however…..

  2. peter coppola

    …Was just wondering what kind of Hor’ douvres you had . I’m thinking some bloody italian roast beef would give a little thematic nudge. And it tastes good . 🙂
    [p.s., meat-baby 4 ever!]

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